Media Relations Manager Greece, Cyprus

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The Media Relations Manager's core job is to handle all relations with external media (online,offline,bloggers) with the objective to generate valuable coverage for Michelin as a product, as a brand, as a company, within the communication strategy defined. The job is in direct working relation with all the product lines, including 2W, with the ECS Commercial territory marketing and sales management and with close cooperation with the other missions within Communication Department, especially with the PR function in ECS.
The job includes the following key domains:
- media content adaptation to local market and dissemination
- daily monitoring and knowledge of local media market
- project related follow-up activity
- organizing press points, press trips
- interview preparation, organizing media trainings
- crisis communication
- management of media relations and other external stakeholders portfolio

In addition, the Media Relations Manager GR, is a true communication relay to the Greek market, implied in internal communication, event management when needed. The job is key in supporting the product line initiatives locally and is a guarantee of the high standard of Greek language used in all the SI/SO materials reaching the market.


- excellent command of English, both written and spoken
- strong writing skills, ability to write local press releases and to create content (both in Greek and in English)
- strong communication skills, good interpersonal relations management
- capacity to work in team and to follow the Group's protocoll in media relations management
- mature personality, serious in the job, with a good assessment of the potential image and reputation risks related to this activity
- rigorous in analysis in project follow-up phase
  • Fair compensation
  • A pleasant working environment
  • Dedicated career managers
  • An individualised training program
  • High-quality management
  • 4,000

    people trained every day

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    of employees find their work stimulating

  • 1,300

    committed trainers

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  • 7,17

    million training hours in 2013

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  • 93%

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